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Monday, 21st of May, 2018

Family Law Specialists 

All of our partners- Julie Harrington, Stephen Page and Bruce Provan-  are Queensland Law Society accredited family law specialists. Julie and Stephen have been accredited specialists for over 20 years, and Bruce for over 17 years. The Queensland Law Society specialists’ accreditation program began in 1996. In that year both Julie Harrington and Stephen Page were part of the first intake of accredited specialists in family law in Queensland. Bruce Provan became an accredited family law specialist in 1999.

To become a Queensland accredited family law specialist, a solicitor must undertake rigorous study through a program conducted by the Queensland Law Society. To be eligible for accreditation a solicitor must have been practising full time for at least five years after their admission and more than 25% of their work must have been in the area of family law. The assessment procedure to become accredited involves solicitors passing difficult written and practical examinations. To maintain their accreditation they must continue to practise in the area of family law and engage in annual continuing professional development to maintain and update their skills and knowledge. Since becoming accredited Julie, Stephen and Bruce have maintained and updated their skills through practising exclusively in the area and honing their skills through undertaking further education and constantly looking at ways to improve their service to clients.